Everyone has a fire inside that ultimately motivates change.  It’s that voice inside your head that tells you that you can, pushes you beyond what you think you’re capable of, and makes your dreams become your reality.”

My name is Ben Landers — until recently I spent my whole life as an obese guy. I did not care about my life or my health. I had zero ambition, and I was merely just existing as life passed me by. At my highest weight I was over 300lbs, I never weighed myself, because the day I stepped on a scale at 18 years old and it said 276lbs….I avoided scales from there out, and continued to grow larger and larger.   Finally one night it clicked for me, I asked myself “what the hell am I doing with my life.” The next morning I woke up, signed up for a gym, and have never stopped since that day (03-20-13) I dropped to 167 lbs within 9 months… I got obsessed with losing weight. For a little over 1.5 years, I have focused on building muscle, and getting as strong as I can. Ever since I have changed my life, all I have wanted to do was motivate and inspire others to do the same! I’ve created Fat Meets Fire, a platform through which I can teach, motivate and coach you to reach your goals with weight loss, to extreme weight loss, as well as building muscle, through my online fitness training. My expertise comes from first-hand, personal experience of losing more than 100 pounds and building my body to where it is today. I have spent countless hours researching, and learning about the optimal ways to lose fat, and build muscle! I also have a BA in Psychology to assist my clients with what we all know is a mental battle within ourselves. A strong mind, leads to a strong body! 

It’s as simple as working out and tracking what you eat, and it’s every bit as difficult. This is no easy or fast fitness program. It’s tough because results are earned with hard work. Simply put, I will make you work for your results with my 1-on-1 fitness coaching. 



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